JetCam 40 Pro

Cleaning, inspecting, bending, and documenting in one operation!

The JetCam® 40 Pro camera nozzle offers both optimal cleaning performance and a live image. This makes it particularly suitable for the simultaneous cleaning and inspection of public and private pipe systems. It can clean pipes from 50 – 150 mm. The JetCam® camera nozzle can be guided through multiple bends (including multiple 90° bends). On top of this, its front jet nozzle can clear blockages, and the camera nozzle can be aimed with precision at any time via a 512 Hz locating signal.

Scope of supply:
–    Reel trolley with slip ring and control unit
–    Accessory bag (accessories included)
–    JetCam® camera head
–    8” TFT monitor (incl. remote)
–    JetCam® 60 m HP hose (1/2” or 3/8” – see product description)
–    Steering piece and nozzles (6-stream standard nozzle or interchangeable nozzle set – see product description)
–    Includes 512 Hz locating function
–    Includes DVR video recording (with SD card and remote)

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