Bulldog® Antiblast

Cleaning sewer lines when near home installations brings the risk of pressure equalisation through toilets or stench traps. This comes from negative pressure arising ahead of the nozzle or excess pressure following the nozzle if the installation is not correct or venting is not working properly. It’s a very unpleasant surprise when this effect unintentionally turns a toilet into a shower! For this reason, enz® collaborated with a prestigious technical institute to develop and test the Bulldog® Antiblast. The Bulldog® Antiblast prevents this unpleasant side effect and guarantees cleaning in all directions, right down to the pores.


  • No pressure equalisation through stench traps or toilets
  • Excellent streak-fee, all-around cleaning
  • Low maintenance, and compatible with recycled water
  • Proven design
  • Very simple to match to pump capacity
  • Scientifically examined and tested

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