GLOBAL™ GROUND is our lightweight and compact everyday nozzle to be used to remove material in pipe such as sludge, sand, and minor stones.  This means the nozzle has no front jets. The nozzles are supplied with 4 or 6 rear jets. We use the same philosophy as for our high-end nozzles, meaning we design our nozzles with fewer rear jets with larger jet size, instead off many small holes, which only create weak and misty water jets.

GLOBAL™GROUND is made of harden steel or harden stainless steel and has a design that makes the nozzle perform more than well. With the low jet angle on thrusting rear jets GLOBAL™GROUND has no problem to travel fast and far up the pipe as well as brining lighter debris back.

GLOBAL™GROUND is a Tier 1 nozzle but offer a much better performance than can be expected due to the design. The round shape prevent nozzle from getting stuck in pipe.

The hose connection threads reach from ¼” up to 1 ¼”. GLOBAL™GROUND supplied with the same hose connection, are made in several versions, all calculated for different water flowrates, to suit most pump capacities. In the list of nozzles, we state the water flowrate of each individual nozzle at a pressure of 100 Bar (1450 PSI) at the nozzle. If you need assistance to choose the nozzles best fitting your jetting pump and hose, we are happy to assist.

GLOBAL™GROUND with ¼” up to ½” thread can handle pump pressures up to 300 Bar (4350PSI).

GLOBAL™GROUND with 3/4” thread handles pump pressures up to 200 Bar (2900 PSI) and 1” up to 1 ¼” thread operates up to 150 Bar (2200PSI) at the nozzle.

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