Standard nozzles Ice

Our Standard Nozzles Ice are used for pipes with obstacles or clogs as well as pipe with ice. The Standard Nozzle Ice is supplied with several front jets for greater power than the Standard Nozzle Hit, which has only one front jet. The Standard nozzle Ice has rear thrusting jets pushing the nozzle up the pipe as well as transporting lighter material,  to either main pipe or removing point.  With three, to centre angled, front jets combined with thrusting rear jets, well balanced, the nozzle travel fast up the drain. The waterpower supplied by the three front jets work the obstacles in pipe, while rear jets transport the material downstream.

The Standard Nozzles Ice are made of quality stainless steel with a smooth outer design and smaller diameter than most nozzles supplied with same hose thread. The outer diameter of the nozzles is similar to the outer diameter of the sewer cleaning hose. The narrow and smooth design enables the nozzle to pass through bends and smaller off sets. The design minimizes the risk of nozzle getting stuck.

The front and rear jets are drilled into the nozzle body and jet sizes are adapted to most common water flows and pressures. The flowrate stated on each article number is in litre per minute or US Gallons per Minute at 100 Bars/1450 PSI pressure at the nozzle.

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