GOBLIN® 10° + 30°

GOBLIN® 10˚ + 30˚ has a wide range of uses and can be seen as a ”universal pipe cleaning nozzle”. This is due to the combination of 10˚ and 30˚ angles on the thrusting rear jets. The thrusting water jets with 30˚ angle clean the inside of the pipe. At the same time the 10˚ jets effectively thrust the nozzle up the pipe, while they at the same time efficiently move the material downstream. By mounting a front jet, GOBLIN® 10˚ + 30 can also be used for clogs or to remove obstacles in front of the nozzle.

The GOBLIN® 10˚ + 30˚ is made in Sweden, like all AquaTeqs´ pipe cleaning nozzles and cutters, in durable, high-quality, hardened stainless steel. This means that the cleaning nozzle is suitable for both fresh and recycled water. When using recycled water, ceramic jet inserts must be mounted.

If GOBLIN® 10˚ + 30˚ is used together with a ½” hose, the nozzle is suitable for cleaning pipes from Ø100 – 300 mm (4” -12”). Together with ¾” hose, GOBLIN® 10˚ + 30˚ can be set up for higher water flow rate and is then suitable to clean pipes from Ø100mm up to 400 mm (4” -16”).

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