GOBLIN® 0° + 2°

GOBLIN® with 0˚ + 2˚ degrees rear jets comes in two sizes. The smaller version has a weight of 5,5 kg (12 lbs) and the larger version has a weight of 7,5 kg (17 lbs). Both versions are supplied with 10 rear jets, where every second is 0˚ and the other is 2˚. The nozzles have an option of one front jet.

Like all nozzles included in the GOBLIN® series they can handle both fresh and recycling water. Using recycling water, the nozzle is always supplied with wear resistant ceramic jet inserts for long service lifetime. The nozzle body is made in quality hardened stainless steel to stand wear.

GOBLIN® with low combined angles on the rearward-facing water jets are developed to move materials. We recommend GOBLIN® especially in dry pipe conditions where a nozzle with higher angles and fewer water jets makes strips. GOBLIN® with low angles can also be used to flush out heavy stones or other objects in pipes where a bottom-cleaner nozzle can´t pass.

The design of the GOBLIN® implicate that it normally can pass larger objects in pipe travelling upstream.  When retracting the nozzle from upstream manhole, the GOBLIN ® create great force to move the heavy object.

Both versions of 0˚+2˚ GOBLIN is recommended in pipe sizes from 150 up to 400 mm (6”-16”), the larger version is suited for more pressure and water flow.

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