GLOBAL™FRONT is the most specialist nozzle in the GLOBAL™series, supplied with just one large front jet and no thrusting rear jets. Our customers use the GLOBAL™FRONT when they want to avoid water being pushed out from the pipe. It can be a clogged pipe inside housing or a larger pipe where water overfill from manhole create problems. The nozzle is pushed by hand, operator is manually feeding the hose until the nozzle reach the blockage. The high pressure pump is first activated at this point. The time when pump is activated must be short and well balanced due to the force from the front jet, pushing the nozzle to the rear. Always use extreme caution and safety when using the GLOBAL™FRONT.

GLOBAL™FRONT is made of harden steel or harden stainless steel.

GLOBAL™FRONT has only one task – open a clog as quick as possible – with as little water as possible. If material must be brought out from pipe this has to be performed with a nozzle with rear jets. The design of the body, round shaped, prevent nozzle from getting stuck and to manoeuvre past and through obstacles.

GLOBAL™FRONT is available with hose connections from ¼” up to 1 ¼”.

GLOBAL™FRONT handle pressures at the nozzle from 150 Bar up to 300 Bar (2200 – 4350 PSI), depending on thread size.

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