FIR® Pointed

FIR® POINTED sewer cleaning nozzle is designed for an efficient opening of clogged pipes. With its soft shape and with a possibility of up to (4) jets directed forward, the FIR® POINTED nozzle is a very efficient tool for ice-plugs and other obstacles in pipe. With thrusting jets in a two-level construction, the nozzle is effectively working its way through a jam. When the front of the FIR® POINTED has worked its way into the blockage the thrusting jets stepwise works its way through, removing and thrusting the material backwards. Due to the height and weight the FIR® POINTED lays steady in pipe and minimize the risk to turn in pipe.

Technical specifications:
• Made of hardened stainless steel.
• Interchangeable jets in hardened stainless steel or stainless jets with ceramic inserts.
• Three (3) thrusting jets in lower level with 30° angle and three (3) jets in upper level with 35° angle.
• Four (4) front jets, that easily can be plugged.
• Suitable for re-cycling units.
• Made for hose connections 3/4″, 1″ or 1 1/4″.

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