BL SWIPER® RED is recommended for pipe sizes from 150 mm up to 600 mm (6”-24”), depending on the available pump capacity. The BL SWIPER® RED is designed to operate with recycling water or clean water.

The design of BL SWIPER®RED is specially developed to stand the blasting effect from recycling water. The nozzle is always supplied with ceramic stainless-steel jets.

Due to the water conductive design together with the air channels the nozzle clean pipe extremely effective already at 30 bars (450 PSI) pressure at nozzle. This means lower rpm on jetting truck, less fuel consumption as well as less wear on high pressure pump, valves, hoses etc. Operating according to our instructions our customers have been able to cut diesel consumption with as low as 60%. That is a great saving and prevent you from putting money down the drain. Considering a diesel consumption of +50 liter per hour (13 gph) for a high-volume recycling truck your investment in BL SWIPER® cleaning nozzle will shortly turn into saved money on your bank account.

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