BL SWIPER® ORANGE is recommended for pipe sizes from 125 mm up to 400 mm (5”-16”), depending on the available pump capacity. The BL SWIPER® ORANGE is designed to work with clean water.

The construction of the BL SWIPER® is made to optimize the cleaning effect by using both the water flow from the high-pressure pump, together with the jet streams created by the BL SWIPER® in pipe.

The BL SWIPER® is developed to move material in pipe, sand, gravel, stones, and sludge. The low jet angle, together with the long jet stream, increase the speed of the water in pipe.  This design moves material faster and more effective than most pipe cleaning nozzles.

Why choose a BL SWIPER®?
• You are looking for a high effective pipe cleaning nozzle that makes the most of your jetting truck investment.
• You want to save total water consumption on each individual cleaning job.
• You understand your jetting truck will never be more effective than the tool at the end of the hose.
• You are looking for a nozzle lasting and performing for a long period of time
• You need an effective nozzle that still can be operated in a manner avoiding blowing toilets.

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