BL SWIPER® BLACK is the smallest nozzle in the BL SWIPER® family and is recommended for pipe sizes from 100 mm up to 250 mm (4”-10”), depending on available water flow rate. The BL SWIPER® BLACK is designed to work with clean water.

The BL SWIPER® cleaning nozzles are developed for maximum cleaning power of sewers and storm water pipes with a construction made to optimize the cleaning effect by using the waterflow from the high-pressure pump together with the jet streams, created through the nozzle design. The water flow, through the pressure in the jets, creates a jet stream and the jet streams create increased moving power through several channels in the nozzle. The total force generated by the nozzle, air and water force, depending on if nozzle work under water or in dry pipe, is used to clean the pipe in a resource saving manner.

Benefits of BL SWIPER®:
• The water/air channels create immoderate force at lower energy level resulting in lower fuel consumption.
• Operate effective already at 30 Bars (450 PSI) pressure at the nozzle.
• Can easily be adapted for effective cleaning in water filled pipes.
• Low total water and energy consumption.
• By operating the BL SWIPER® according to the instructions you save money, wear and tear of the jetting unit and in total lessen the environmental impact.

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