C-RAY® 200

The C-RAY®200 is the smaller version of C-RAY®400 bottom cleaning nozzle. The C-RAY®200 is made in quality stainless steel with same water directing technology inside as its big brother. The water directing technology decrease pressure drop in nozzle. This means that you only loose  less than 10% inside nozzle, which in comparison with many other designs saves you 20-30%. Each day nozzle is in use you will not only clean effectively, but being able to operate your jetter and combination truck at a lower rpm, resulting in less wear and tear of the unit, as well as saved fuel costs – every hour.

The design assures effective and cost saving debris moving in pipe. The bottom part is made of hardox steel with round shape to position the nozzle properly in smaller pipes.

C-RAY®200 operate effectively from 200 mm pipes up to 600 mm (8”-24”). It is supplied with 6 rear jets and in rear cases a front jet can be mounted. Same philosophy as for the C-RAY®400, meaning less is more. We will be happy to tell you more.

Each C-RAY®200 is supplied with a quality harden stainless steel swivel, that capture the movement of the sewer cleaning hose and make sure the nozzle stay correct positioned in pipe.

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