BL SWIPER® Green large

BL SWIPER® GREEN LARGE is recommended for pipe sizes from 300 mm up to 1200 mm (12”-48”), depending on available pump capacity. The BL SWIPER® GREEN LARGE is designed to work with clean water.

To assure the proper choice of BL SWIPER® for your work and your jetting truck specifications, always consult AquaTeq® technical sales staff or AquaTeq® authorized distributor. We put pride in supplying the right product, properly adapted to your truck specifications and your needs. When contacting us always make sure to have information about your high-pressure pump maximal water flowrate and maximal pressure as well as hose size and hose length.

If you are having problems with blowing toilets, we will happy to assist with technical and operating instructions how to work with the BL SWIPER® series of nozzles to avoid this situation.

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