UC nozzles 3000 bar

enz® UC13-3 nozzle cleans tubes – e.g. industrial heat exchangers and pipework. An intelligently short design means the same nozzle cleans both straight and tubes with bends and works at pressures up to 3000 bar (>43kpsi).
Its strength is enz cross jet technology making it excellent at unplugging. Add enz interchangeable sapphire inserts that convert pump power to water jets with greater water density (i.e. best at penetrating coatings); plus enz water brake that controls nozzle rotation and you’re guaranteed highest surface impact and best cleaning.

–    unblock hard, tough deposits of polymer, mineral, salts, or carbonized scales and residues
–    polish to permit inspection, e.g. IRIS – or simple universal cleaning
–    for manual or automated tube cleaning – single or multi-lance

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